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In 2008, CSI was founded by Jim Devasher and his son James "Chip". We grew to be one of the leading security and private investigation firms in Kentucky.

Our offices are located in Lexington, Kentucky, where we specialize in criminal and civil litigation support. Our team of private investigators have over 140 years of combined experience, each committed to helping respective clients achieve their goals. We come from a variety of different private investigation and security firms providing us the tools needed to be the best team of private investigators in Lexington.


Chip provides excellent service with his thorough examination of every investigation providing quality results for his clients. The aid of his experienced team members allows them to take on a multitude of cases and provide needed PI services at an affordable cost. Chip’s commitment to solving all cases is why people feel secure in choosing Capital Security and Investigations over all other private investigators.


Call us today to see what how we can bring security and peace of mind to your life! We are proud to be “the choice” for private investigation in Kentucky and we look forward to serving you.


When experience matters......... our clients choose CSI.

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Criminal defense, loss prevention, individual and corporate investigations. Former Law Enforcement.


Providing law firms litigation support, witness identification,

interviews and

asset searches.


Worker's compensation, divorce litigation support and infidelity detection.

Executive and employment background investigation. Missing persons and

asset search.

Secuirty risk mitigation, integrated security solutions, VIP and guard force services.

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