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Executive and Employment Background Checks. Missing Persons and Asset Search.

We provide a comprehensive range of background investigations for corporate, legal and private cases thorough background checks in Louisville, KY. If it is critical you find information, contact Capital Security & Investigations (CSI) when proven reliability matters most!


We take great pride in our experienced investigators who maintain a proven track record of absolute success. CSI accommodates your need for background checks in the following scenarios (and more):


●       Employment Background Investigation

●       Executive Background Investigations

●       Missing Persons

●       Asset Searches

●       Pre and Post Litigation Support

●       Corporate Due Diligence

●       Prenuptial Background Checks

●       Divorce Background Checks

●       International Criminal Record Checks

●       Financial Analysis… and more​

To pursue background checks in Louisville, KY, please call on 1-859-684-2744 or fill out our contact form to get a call back.
Our track record IS your reason to trust us for all your Background Checks in Louisville, KY

Background checks are essential in many situations. We are a full service investigation firm with an outstanding track record performing background checks in Louisville, KY.


If you need real answers, CSI is your firm. Partner with us for comprehensive investigation services. Call us at  1-859-684-2744 or email us to get started!


Meet Our Confident Background Check Experts


Our staff has the ability to conduct background investigations for employment in all 50 states. Our information is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and all federal and state applicable laws. Our electronic communications also meet the federally adopted RSA standards.


CSI utilizes investigative tools to provide our clients with one of the most robust and comprehensive criminal records searches in the industry. CSI conducts an address trace on the applicant, and provides known addresses and county locations. Local court records of noted residence are searched and the criminal records are supplied for that specific court jurisdiction. 


CSI also searches the National Crime Database that contains over 600 million criminal records. This database is the largest criminal database in the world and contains 350 million more records that the NCIC system used by local and national law enforcement. This database also contains the FBI’s Most Wanted List, Federal Watch Lists, and the National Sex Offender Registry. This information is compiled into a report and supplied electronically to our client for review. 


CSI is passionate about providing our clients with the resources and tools necessary to help protect their employees, company resources, and assets.


Choose CSI for your background checks in Louisville, KY
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