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Northern Kentucky Investigative Services

We provide exceptional Northern Kentucky investigative services to individuals and companies needing litigation support, and attorneys and law firms requiring investigative support for witness location, identification, and interviews. Get in touch with CSI - message us to connect or call us at 859-684-2744 for a prompt response. 

Our offices are located in Lexington, Kentucky. We specialize in criminal and civil litigation support. Our team of private investigators have over 140 years of combined experience, each committed to helping respective clients achieve their goals. We come from a variety of different private investigation and security firms providing us the tools needed to be the best team of private investigators in Lexington.


Chip provides excellent service with his thorough examination of every investigation providing quality results for his clients. The aid of his experienced team members allows them to take on a multitude of cases and provide needed PI services at an affordable cost. Chip’s commitment to solving all cases is why people feel secure in choosing Capital Security and Investigations over all other private investigators.


Call us today to learn how we can bring security and peace of mind to your life! We are proud to be “the choice” for private investigation in Northern Kentucky and look forward to providing you with our highly recommended investigative services.


When experience matters......... choose CSI over any other Northern Kentucky investigative services.

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Criminal defense, loss prevention, individual and corporate investigations. Former Law Enforcement

We take great pride in our highly specialized legal defense investigations to support innocent or wrongly accused individuals and/or corporations, a process includes a comprehensive evaluation of the law enforcement discovery with a corresponding comprehensive report. We pursue all relevant leads, interview the witnesses, and testify in court to ensure the best possible defense for our clients.


From defending innocent victims to building the case against real criminals, CSI provides comprehensive and complete support for trial. Get in touch with us now! 

We provide professional support investigating litigations, witness tracking, identification, and pursuing interviews to uncover all possible facts and details. 

We run an exhaustive search of local court records, and use confidential subscription-only national databases to get information for litigation support. Our field investigators will do an impeccable job finding crucial information to give you the leading edge you need. Get in touch with us now! 


Providing law firms litigation support, witness identification, interviews and asset searches


Worker's compensation, divorce litigation support and infidelity detection

Our expert surveillance staff monitors individuals engaging in illegal activities and infidelity for corporate and personal clients.


We use photography, video, night vision, and aerial drones to gather and document evidence. With 10 years experience working in undercover investigations, static and dynamic surveillance, CSI is your best choice for the peace of mind you are seeking. Get in touch with us now!

Executive and employment background investigation. Missing persons and asset search

We conduct comprehensive background information checks for employment in all 50 states. CSI employs some of the most robust investigation tools in the industry for checking criminal records.


Our information is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and all federal and state applicable laws. Our electronic communications also meet the federally adopted RSA standards.


To ensure you get the information necessary when you need it, get in touch with us now!

Security risk mitigation, integrated security solutions, VIP and guard force services

Our team is proud to have 37 years experience managing security and loss prevention for companies such as Amazon, G4S Secure Solutions, Best Buy, Lowe’s, as well as positions with the State Police, Hostage negotiation roles, military service and much more.


For thorough Security Mitigations Reviews, Loss Prevention, Guard Force Services, Workplace Violence Investigations and more, choose the best, choose CSI. Make your workplace safe and secure without taxing your budget. Get in touch with us now! 

We believe fully determining our clients needs before beginning each project ensures the best and most accurate results. To further pursue CSI's Northern Kentucky investigative services, call us at 859-684-2744 or message us for more information.

Trust CSI’s Northern Kentucky Investigative Services for Your Best Experience

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