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Mobile device data extraction, data recovery, analysis of digital evidence and much more.

Are you reading this from your cell phone? Most likely you are.........


Cell phones are now an integral part of our everyday lives. Subsequently, cell phone data has become extremely important evidence in civil and criminal matters.  CSI offers expert analysis of cell phone data, in addition to expanded digital forensic services.

CSI's digital forensic services include:

  • Computer and mobile device acquisition and analysis

  • Deleted data recovery

  • Call detail records (CDR) review

  • Case analysis

  • Internet history analysis

  • Expert testimony

CSI also offers on-site data collection and cell phone data extraction for $1,500 per phone. This service provides our clients with a thumb drive containing current and deleted data from that specific mobile device (cell phone).   

In addition to our services, our digital forensic experts hold multiple certifications in both computer and mobile device forensics.  As experts, our examiners scrutinize digital evidence and evaluate if best practices were followed in the seizure, acquisition and examination of the digital devices.

Our staff has testified as experts in state and federal courts. With over 30 years of law enforcement experience and twelve years working as a certified digital forensics/mobile device examiner, our staff provides our clients with better insight into their digital evidence and device analysis.

As with any technology, there are some limitations.  If you have questions about your case or a digital device, contact CSI to speak with one of our forensic examiners.  

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