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Investigative Services (PI) South Central KY London and Somerset 

High-Quality Investigations For Complete Peace of Mind


Are you experiencing a problem or legal situation that needs a PI?


At Capital Security & Investigations (CSI), we employ only the best private investigators (PI) to serve South Central, Kentucky. Our private investigators are highly-specialized in criminal and civil litigation. Our team of detectives & investigators have over 100 years combined experience, from a variety of private investigation and security firms.

At the completion of our investigations, our clients receive a professional legal report that documents the interview, search and information inquiry.


Get in Touch for confidential and comprehensive assistance to uncover the information you need. Call us on 1-859-684-2744 for a more prompt response.



Full Service Investigation Agency


CSI is an accredited team of elite private investigators (PI) serving Louisville, KY, offering a full range of investigation, surveillance and security services, at affordable prices.

CSI's Areas of Expertise

AT CSI we acquire information for high-profile criminal cases. We conduct specialized legal defense investigations for the Department of Public Advocacy Defense Attorneys. Highly-revered attorneys contract CSI. Get in touch if you need the right evidence for trial and defense.​

CSI provides litigation support, witness identification, help with interviews, and asset searches. We partner with local attorneys and national firms to support their investigations. Connect with our private detectives (PI) in Louisville, KY.

Our expert surveillance staff monitors individuals engaging in illegal activities and infidelity behavior for our corporate and personal clients. We use photography, video, night vision, and aerial drones to gather and document evidence. We have 10 years experience working in undercover investigations, static and dynamic surveillance.

We conduct comprehensive background information checks for employment in all 50 states. CSI employs one of the most robust investigation tools in the industry for checking criminal records. Our information is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and all federal and state applicable laws. Our electronic communications also meet the federally adopted RSA standards.

Criminal Matters

Civil Investigations


Background Check

Do You Need High-Tech Security Services?

We have 37 years combined experience managing Security and Loss Prevention programs for Global corporations. Our security services include:


  • Security Mitigation Reviews

  • Loss Prevention

  • Workplace Violence Investigations

  • VIP Security Services

  • Guard Force and Protection Services

Connect with us for critical Confidential Investigations

CSI ranks as one of the top investigations firms in the United States. Whether you need corporate surveillance or experienced private investigators (PI) in Louisville, KY, our team ensures you receive the best investigation solutions with supporting evidence for your civil or criminal cases.


For more information, please call us at 1-859-684-2744 today!

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