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Hire CSI’s Private Investigators in Bowling Green, KY

Getting lost in a legal suit for a prolonged period can be emotionally and financially draining. If you find yourself at the receiving end of legal trouble, or maybe just wondering about suspicious activity going on in your midst, hire our private investigators in Bowling Green, KY.
We take great pride in the success of our highly qualified and experienced private investigators in Bowling Green, KY. At Capital Security & Investigations (CSI), we provide a complete suite of investigation services to assist our clients in every possible way.
Whether a civil case, criminal investigation, or corporate law suit, our investigators dig up vital information for the strongest defense. Our team is passionate and proven, and has experience working in many reputable private investigation and security roles throughout Kentucky.

Looking for professional investigation assistance? Get in Touch with CSI. You can also reach out to us at 859-684-2744 for a prompt response.

Our Core Services
We boast of our successful track record of a combined 100 years experience that has helped us garner the trust of some renowned law firms, private companies and influential individuals.
Our full-service investigative firm specializes in a number of services including the following:

     ●  Criminal Matters

     ●  Civil litigation

     ●  Surveillance

     ●  Background checks

     ●  Security Services

Our personal investigators work hard and smart to provide the information necessary for CSI’s services in Bowling Green and across the state of Kentucky.
Our investigators include past law enforcement agents, undercover agents, corporate investigators, military, and more from all areas of investigative services. We regularly assist law enforcement agencies, law firms, and insurance companies in their cases. 
If you are facing legal actions, concerned about infidelity, need surveillance, or have a need for extensive background checks, Capital Security & Investigations (CSI) is your all around solution, and Kentucky’s number one choice!

Call us at 859-684-2744 or message for more information! Choose CSI private investigators in Bowling Green, KY for assurance and peace of mind.

A decision made with flawed information can be disastrous. CSI will provide accurate and up to date information to assure you are most informed. We employ the latest tools and techniques, along with astute execution.  


We have unmatched solutions to uncover domestic, civil, educational, legal and financial records for our clients cases. 


To see just a few of the cases we are working on, visit our recent cases to see what we do.


CSI’s private investigators in Bowling Green, KY will support you in the best way possible for your desired outcome. 


Get in Touch to discuss the best direction for your case. Or feel free to call us at 859-684-2744 for a prompt response.

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