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Worker's Compensation, Divorce Litigation Support and Infidelity Detection

CSI is staffed by experts in the surveillance of individuals engaging in illegal activities and infidelity behavior. We use photography, video, night vision and aerial drones to gather and document evidence. Our investigators have over 10 years of experience working undercover in covert law enforcement investigations. We are trained in undercover investigations, and static or dynamic surveillance, and have successfully completed hundreds of covert investigations for our corporate and individual clients.

We specialize in the detection and investigation of worker's compensation fraud and infidelity investigations. We are committed to helping companies protect their bottom line by identifying fraud and obtaining the required evidence to litigate worker's compensation claims successfully. We also provide individuals with the necessary evidence needed in divorce suits.  


If you’re looking for professional investigators to build your case or you just need peace of mind, CSI has the experience and expertise that matters.

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