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Providing Law Firms' Litigation Support, Witness Identification, Interviews, and Asset Searches


CSI works thousands of hours each year in litigation support, partnering with local attorneys and national law firms who require investigative support for witness location, identification, and interviews. CSI's investigators search local court records and national databases for information on individuals, businesses, and corporations. We research and datamine personal and public data to locate, identify and investigate our client's information requests. At the completion of our investigations, our clients receive a professional legal report that documents the interview, search and information inquiry.

CSI utilizes several information databases to support their investigations. These databases are only available by subscription to state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies and authorized private investigation firms. They contain over 34 billion consumer records, from over 10,000 sources. Our intelligence resources search over 600 million criminal records. We can also search the FBI Most Wanted, Sex Offender Registries and National Watch Lists.

We place great value on our research and our ability to utilize databases to investigate people, assets, businesses, licenses, court records and phone numbers, but where our strength lies is in the field. Our investigators know how to successfully put their "boots on the ground" and navigate neighborhoods, towns, and cities to find the information you need.

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