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“After local and federal law enforcement refused to investigate the theft of my great aunt’s estate worth almost a million dollars, CSI tackled the case, solved the crime and found justice for my family. Chip Devasher presented the case to the FBI and the suspect was later indicted, found guilty and served several years in federal prison.”


Jim McKenzie-Lexington, KY

"My grandson was charged with Kidnapping and Wanton Endangerment 1st. for something he did not do. Our attorney called CSI and Chip Devasher investigated his case.  Chip interviewed witnesses, reviewed the police investigation and proved my grandson’s innocence.  After Chip met with the prosecutor in the case, my grandson’s charges were dismissed and he was released from jail."

Norma H.- Frankfort, KY

"A large theft occurred at my tax office and CSI found the evidence and used it to arrest my former office manager. This would have never been solved without the awesome work by the investigators at CSI. Thanks for your help!"

Sammy Williams- Richmond, KY

"Our law firm handles a lot of divorce/custody matters. We have used Capital Security & Investigations several times and have always been impressed with their thoroughness, professionalism and hard work. We will keep using them whenever the circumstances warrant. They are our go-to company."

Franklin Rapp

“My daughter walked away from rehab and disappeared into the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. I was desperate to find my daughter and get her the help she desperately needed. Chip Devasher used his law enforcement contacts, developed informants and found her before it was too late. Thanks to CSI, my daughter is now getting the help she needs.”

Traci S.- Central Kentucky

“My former employee embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from my company.  I found out after it was too late and contacted CSI for help. They investigated and found my employee red handed. Chip Devasher handed over his investigation to the Lexington, KY Police and an arrest was made.  Justice was served and my former employee was sentenced to 8 years in prison.”

Ed Thurmond- Lexington, KY

"After the tragic death of my son, I lost the ability to see my grandson.  CSI uncovered the evidence my attorney needed to fight for visitation.  Because of CSI’s hard work, I’ve been reunited with my grandson and I'm now helping to raise him. What a blessing……."

Debra Wilburn- Somerset, KY

"The owner was professional prompt and polite.  Ask & you shall receive; great timing too! Happy with my experience!"

Erin Spaulding

"Our business uses Capital Security and Investigations for background checks on all of our new hires.  Chip is great and very responsive.  I would recommend them to anyone wanting a hassle free experience."

Bud Clevenger

"Chip Devasher and his team at CSI are top notch! We found them highly professional, thorough, confidential, compassionate. Their services exceeded our expectations. Very meticulous and knowledgeable. Highly recommended! Chip and CSI will be the only private investigators we would consider for our needs. They made a positive and lasting impression. Thank you CSI!"

Carol Britton

"My fiancé’s mentally-ill ex-wife kidnapped our son and took him across state lines. We searched for 8 months to find them and finally got a lead that they MIGHT be in Kentucky. I looked through all the different PIs in the Lexington area; some had more reviews than CSI but none had better reviews and we needed the best! Chip found our son within 24 hours. He is home safe with us now because of Chip: his diligence, intelligence, honesty, integrity, kindness and professionalism. There were phone calls and texts at all hours; there were tears and anger and frustrations on our part and Chip went through everything right along side us to bring our boy home.
Do yourself a favor - don’t look at the cost, look at the result. We could have paid someone else half the money to take 4 times as long without any results... and when time is of the essence? You want someone who know w
hat he’s doing."

Tamar Goltz

"Chip and his team are the best! They assisted me with my issues related to Identity Theft and went above and beyond my expectations. Chip helped me identify any future security risks and even applied security measures in my home. I cannot say enough about Capital Security and Investigations. They are exceptional!"

Michele Menshouse

"Chip did a great job.  He found the information that I needed.  I highly recommend CSI, and I will use CSI for my client’s needs.  You can depend on Chip."

Bryan Daley

"Prompt, reliable, efficient--and most importantly, gets results!"

Gerald Titus

"Capital Security delivered what no others could. Certified letters, lawyers/lawsuits, even the sheriffs office... all non-effective and a waste of time, energy, money. For a very modest fee, Chip at Capital Security retrieved my property in 1 day. Even went the extra-mile and stored and shipped my belongings to Las Vegas. Very Nice!! Furthermore, our communication and overall dealings were straight-up pleasant, compassionate and professional. Thank you Chip! Highly Recommend!!"


"Jordan was professional and always quick to get back to any questions we had. She is well spoken and did great in court. Chip was always willing to help with anything we needed. They found a lot of great evidence we needed to prove our case. Thanks for everything."

Jenn Hardin

I employed Capital Security & Investigations to gather evidence and information for a case. The intelligence they collected was monumentally valuable and was instrumental in securing a win. The lengths with which they went to secure the information they gathered were exemplary. If you want to win, this is the team you hire. It should also be mentioned they were excellent in their manner and discretion. They’re absolute professionals and as far as central Kentucky is concerned the only way you’re going to see better investigators is probably in the movies.

Gordon Couch

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