“After local and federal law enforcement refused to investigate the theft of my great aunt’s estate worth almost a million dollars, CSI tackled the case, solved the crime and found justice for my family. Chip Devasher presented the case to the FBI and the suspect was later indicted, found guilty and served several years in federal prison.”


Jim McKenzie-Lexington, KY



"My grandson was charged with Kidnapping and Wanton Endangerment 1st. for something he did not do. Our attorney called CSI and Chip Devasher investigated his case.  Chip interviewed witnesses, reviewed the police investigation and proved my grandson’s innocence.  After Chip met with the prosecutor in the case, my grandson’s charges were dismissed and he was released from jail."

Norma H.- Frankfort, KY

"A large theft occurred at my tax office and CSI found the evidence used to arrest my former office manager. This would have never been solved without the awesome work by the investigators at CSI. Thanks for your help!"

Sammy Williams- Richmond, KY

“My daughter walked away from rehab and disappeared into the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. I was desperate to find my daughter and get her the help she desperately needed. Chip Devasher used his law enforcement contacts, developed informants and found her before it was too late. Thanks to CSI, my daughter is now getting the help she needs.”

Traci S.- Central Kentucky

“My former employee embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from my company.  I found out after it was too late and contacted CSI for help. They investigated and found my employee red handed. Chip Devasher handed over his investigation to the Lexington, KY Police and an arrest was made.  Justice was served and my former employee was sentenced to 8 years in prison.”

Ed Thurmond- Lexington, KY

"After the tragic death of my son, I lost the ability to see my grandson.  CSI uncovered the evidence my attorney needed to fight for visitation.  Because of CSI’s hard work, I’ve been reunited with my grandson and I'm now helping to raise him. What a blessing……."

Debra Wilburn- Somerset, KY

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