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2​​​​​​0-year-old Avoids Life in Prison and Sheriff is Reprimanded for Botched Investigation

MAY 2, 2018  Twenty year old, Austin Moore, was charged with Murder, Wanton Endangerment, and DUI and faced life in prison. Two weeks before his trial, CSI was contacted to conduct a defense investigation. The evidence found in our investigation was provided to the defense team and used at trial. Austin was found guilty of lesser offenses and sentenced to only eight years. Our scrutiny of the police investigation also led the judge to reprimand the Franklin County Sheriff, Pat Melton, for the botched investigation. Melton later lost in the local primary elections and will not continue to serve as the Sheriff next term. Sentencing is pending for Austin Moore who may only serve 20% of that eight-year sentence. Our investigation and the collaboration with the defense team resulted in a potential life sentence being reduced to a sentence of fewer than two years.

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